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Welcome to the Chilliwack Golf League

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The Chilliwack Golf League celebrates its 23nd year of play in 2020, and offers a unique opportunity to play in a friendly competitive match-play league. We invite you to join us and guarantee you will have a great time.

The league is comprised of eight person divisions and is open to golfers of all ages, genders, and abilities. The league was formed in 1997 to foster competition between golfers of equal abilities in a friendly, fun, and competitive environment. The regular 14 match season runs from the end of March to the middle of August, with play-offs in September. Matches are usually played at Chilliwack area golf courses but can be played anywhere if both players agree.

The annual dues are $175 per person. Some of the benefits of membership are:

A registered handicap is generally required to join the league but exceptions are occasionally made where a solid scoring history can be established. If you are not a member at a local club, consider joining the BCGA Public Players Club. Membership is only $49.95 per year and includes a registered handicap among other benefits.


If you would like more information on the Chilliwack Golf League, please feel free to contact our President, Jared Rempel:

Tel: 604-845-4332