1999 Rider Cup Summary

Saturday, September 25th, 1999
The Falls Golf & Country Club

Wannabes Couldabins Winners
Richard Smith and Sean Smith
vs Bill Sanders and Keith Gardiner Wannabes
Ryan Dolby and Sean Douglas vs Bert Vandenbrink and Gary Lister Couldabins
Tim McAlpine and Bob Simoes vs Dave Smith and Phil Matthews Wannabes
Dave Filice and Loren Trottier vs Erv Froese and Steve Crawford Wannabes
Laurence Heinen and Robert Brotherston vs Jack Loewen and Dave Edmondson Wannabes
Lorraine Crawford and Karen Paquette vs Gary Scott and Jim Laffin Couldabins
Brad Renford and Kelly Francis vs Trudy Nichol and Tony Allen Couldabins

Totals: Wannabes: 4 Points
Couldabins: 3 Points

Sunday, September 26th, 1999

Chilliwack Golf & Country Club

Wannabes Couldabins Winners
Brad Renford and Laurence Heinen
vs Jim Laffin and George Francis Wannabes
Kelly Francis and Hans Mueller vs Gary Scott and John Brain Couldabins
Karen Paquette and Ken Dahl vs Henry maher and Murray Robbins Couldabins
Lorraine Crawford and Randy Drinkwalter vs Don Nicolls and Jack Loewen Couldabins
Scott Clark and Loren Trottier vs Dave Edmondson and Tony Allen Wannabes
Bob Simoes and Robert Brotherston vs Steve Crawford and Bert Vandenbrink Couldabins
Sean Smith and David Filice vs Keith Gardiner and Dave Smith Tied
Tim McAlpine and Richard Smith vs Bill Sanders and Gary Lister Couldabins

Totals: Wannabes: 2.5 Points
Couldabins: 5.5 Points

Final Results : Wannabes: 6.5 Points
Couldabins: 8.5 Points