2004 Rider Cup

The 2004 Rider Cup was an epic. After two days of competition, the Wannabes needed 6 points from their final match to tie. Dean Meyer and partner Richard Smith duly obliged birdeying the final hole to secure the points and force a play-off. By this time, darkness was descending on the Country Club and so a ring of cars were gathered around the practice green with headlights on to provide sufficient light for the chip-off. The team captains selected a player from each of the five competing divisions for the chip off. The players faced a chip of about 80ft and each pair played the hole like a match attempting to hole out in as few shots as possible. After four of these mini-matches, the teams were all-square with only the bogey division to play. Diane Pilotte, representing the Wannabes, hit a lovely chip to about six feet leaving Couldabins captain Oscar Otsuka to try and match it. Unfortunately, under the intense pressure (headlights, 60 slightly innebriated people standing around watching, Rider Cup on the can imagine I am sure), Oscar flubbed his lines and his chip, trickling it about 15 feet onto the green. All looked lost for the Couldabins but then, in a moment of pure match-play theatre, Oscar drained a 60+ foot, curling putt for a deuce! The crowd went absolutely bonkers and it took a while for order to be restored to the point that Diane could have a go at her six footer. Unfortunately, the putt slid by and the Couldabins were crowned winners of the most celebrated Rider Cup in Chilliwack Golf League history.

All records of this event have been lost so individual match results are not available. If anyone has this information tucked away in an attic or basement, its retrieval would be greatly appreciated.