League Rules

2020 General Rules and Regulations

R.C.G.A. rules shall govern play in all circumstances. It is essential that members familiarize themselves with the Rules of Golf so that on course issues can be resolved during the course of the match.
Players are encouraged to use common sense and courtesy when faced with possible rules infractions. In match play, a player may disregard a breach of the Rules by his opponent, provided there is no agreement between the players. This provides an opportunity for sportsmanship unavailable in Stroke Play. Please keep this in mind and keep it friendly.
Should a situation arise whereby a player feels it is necessary to seek a decision from the C.G.L Rules Committee, the committee's decision shall be final. Should a committee member find him/herself in a conflict of interest position with regards to a decision, that member shall inform the committee and not be part of the decision making process in that instance. PLEASE NOTE that disputes and claims in Matchplay must (with very few exceptions) be dealt with during the match and before teeing off on the next hole.
Players are expected to play ALL their matches, regardless of how well the season is going for them. It is not fair to other players to forfeit matches, and failure to complete your schedule may result in immediate termination of your membership, and forfeiture of privileges.
Seriously...It is the responsibility of each player to obtain and familiarize themselves with the R.C.G.A rule book, if they have not already done so.
The League maintains a strict standard of dress code and course etiquette. In addition to the guidelines laid out by the R.C.G.A., the following rules shall apply;
All Players shall abide by the dress code in effect at the club at which they are playing, and MUST AT ALL TIMES replace divots, repair pitch marks and generally show utmost respect for the course and other players. Antisocial behavior during matches (Cheating, Swearing, Yelling, Throwing Clubs, etc) distracts other players and lessens their enjoyment of the game, and shall not be tolerated by the league. If your opponent behaves in this way, ask them to desist. If they do not, please let the League Administrator know, so that appropriate action can be taken.
Players should report to the clubhouse at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time.
It is the JOINT responsibility of both players to get in touch with each other well in advance of the scheduled match completion date. There is NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE for not contacting your opponent and scheduling a match.

The CGL has adopted the following policies with regards to matches and match deadlines

For each match played on or before the match due date, both players will receive one bonus point.

If, a minimum of one week PRIOR to a match's deadline, either player feels their opponent is preventing the match from being played, they should submit their complaint to the CGL via Email. The CGL Rules Committee will then get involved and work with both players to resolve the problem before the match deadline. You must provide a minimum of one week's notice to get action on this and possibly avoid losing bonus points.
All matches not played by the due date will be scored 0-0. If the match is played before the end of season deadline, the points will be updated accordingly.
In the event of serious injury or illness, bereavement, or similar circumstance, a player may request that a match(es) due date be moved to a later date. We will also do this for vacations prebooked before the start of the season for April and May. Vacations later in the season will not qualify for extensions. Extensions will not be granted for inclement weather (unless it results in long term closure of all local golf courses (e.g. snow), colds, sniffles, work related issues, etc.
If you are going on vacation, get your matches played before you go. Matches can be played as far in advance as you wish.
It is the Home Player's responsibility to select the course at which the match is to be played (see Participating Golf Courses), and to arrange the tee time with the club's pro shop.

League Structure

The C.G.L. shall consist of players divided into divisions of no more than eight players (Ace, Goose, Albatross, Eagle, Birdie, Par, Bogey, and Mulligan if required), with Ace being the top division and Mulligan the bottom one.

At the end of the regular season the top four players advance to the finals as follows; The 1st and 4th placed player in each division shall advance to Semi-Final 1. The 2nd and 3rd placed players advance to Semi-Final 2.

All play-off matches are generally played over two legs, which each player choosing a venue, unless BOTH players agree to play a single match at a venue they are both happy with.

If, at the end of regular play a match is tied, the players shall go to the 1st hole again and commence a sudden-death play off.

Each year the Division Champion is automatically promoted to the division above for the following season. Additionally, should the player who finished top in the regular standings NOT win the division, the board may, at it's discretion, promote that player the following year.

The previous year's Ace Division Champion will play the season under the handicap of being 'Down One' at the start of each match. This remains in effect for both the regular season and the play-offs. Should they repeat as Champion the following year despite this handicap, they will start the next season under the handicap of being 'Down One' at the start of each nine. Strokes will continue to accrue in this fashion until they do not win the Championship. In this scenario, their 'handicap' for the following season will be reduced by one and so on until it is eliminated. This rule is intended to offset the fact that promotion from the Ace Division is not possible.

The division format shall be based on the following principles;

Each Player shall play every other member of the division twice during the course of the season.
Matches shall be played under the rules of Match Play as defined by the R.C.G.A.
A total of SIX points shall be awarded for each match as follows;
Front Nine:
2 Points for a Win
1 Point for a Tie
0 Points for a Loss
Back Nine:
2 Points for a Win
1 Point for a Tie
0 Points for a Loss
Full 18 Holes:
2 Points for a Win
1 Point for a Tie
0 Points for a Loss
In the event that two or more players in a division are tied for a play-off position at the end of the regular season, the standings shall be determined based on the number of points the players scored against each other. If this does not resolve the issue, the players' relative number of Bonus Points will be used (the player with the MOST bonus points winning the tie). If this does not resolve the tie, the players' performance against each of the other players in the division, starting with the highest placed player, and continuing to the lowest, shall be compared until a difference in results can be found, and a winner can be determined.
Games may be played on any day of the week, at any time of day. Players should make an effort to accommodate their opponent whenever possible to ensure that the matches get played on time. The home player should not simply dictate a time and expect their opponent to appear.
All matches will consist of 18 holes, except in the following circumstances;
The course superintendent suspends play due to dangerous weather conditions, or some other reason (In this case, the match shall be continued when the course becomes playable). If 12 holes have been completed and the match cannot be resumed, the result as of the last hole played will stand. If less than 12 holes have been played, the match shall be abandoned and replayed.
BOTH players agree to end the match. In this situation, the result of the match shall be determined by the position after the last hole played. Players should note that unless BOTH players wish to stop, the match cannot be abandoned unless the player that wishes to stop is willing to forfeit the remaining holes and if necessary the match. Alternatively, both players can agree to simply abandon the match with no result and replay it at a later date.
It is the WINNING PLAYER'S responsibility to post the match result ON THE DAY THE MATCH IS PLAYED. This is done by signing in to the website using your member credentials and using the form on the Home page or in the Members Only section.

Timely reporting of match results is critical to ensuring the smooth operation of the league and accurate application of bonus points. LATE reporting will result in bonus points not being granted. Contesting this will require submission of evidence that the match was played on time.

All matches are played WITHOUT the use of handicaps UNLESS otherwise dictated by the league. The league may, at its discretion, decide that a division should use handicaps due to an unusual handicap spread within the division.
NOTE: Handicaps are currently in effect for the Bogey and Mulligan Divisions. Before playing a match, players should calculate their handicaps for the teebox they are playing (The pro shop can help you with this) and compare them. If the gap is less than 4 strokes, the match should be played STRAIGHT UP. Otherwise, the handicap difference MINUS 3 STROKES should be used with strokes assigned in the usual way.
During regular league play, the home player shall select the tees from which the match will be played.

In the case of mixed matches, players should use the tees designated below;
  • Bridal Falls Golf Course - Ladies: White, Men: Blue
  • Cheam Golf Centre - Ladies: White, Men: White
  • Chilliwack Golf & Country Club - Ladies: Combo (White/Green), Men: Blue
  • Cultus Lake Golf Club - Ladies: White, Men: Blue
  • Falls Golf & Country Club - Ladies: Green, Men: Blue
  • Fraserglen Golf Course - Ladies: White, Men: Blue
  • Hope Golf & Country Club - Ladies: Red/Yellow, Men: White/Blue
  • Kinkora Golf Course - Ladies: White, Men: White
  • Ledgeview Golf & Country Club - Ladies: Red, Men: White
  • Meadowlands Golf & Country Club - Ladies: Red, Men: White
  • Harrison Resort Golf Course - Ladies: Red, Men: Blue
  • Royalwood Golf Club - Ladies: Red, Men: White
  • Pagoda Ridge Golf Course - Ladies: Green, Men: White
  • Sandpiper Golf Club - Ladies: Red, Men: White

Participating Golf Courses

The following golf courses may be used for League Matches.

Alternate courses may be used if BOTH players agree.

“Rider” Cup

The League schedules an annual Rider Cup style match between two teams made up of League players. This is our season closing event and is played on the same weekend as our annual awards banquet. The teams for this match are determined by date of birth and are named ‘The Wannabes’ and ‘The Couldabins’. At the end of the season the player from each team with the best Average Points Per Game during the year’s regular play will be declared Captain of their respective team. In the event of a tie, the higher division player shall win the honour. A board member will be appointed as Vice Captain for each team.

“Fraser” Cup

In early October, the Golf League plays a challenge match against the Vancouver Golf Tour. The event features teams of 30 players who compete in singles matchplay, with one point awarded per match, for a total of 30 points. The winning team takes home the Fraser Cup. In the event of a tie, the cup is retained by the current holders. The event is officially hosted by the Vancouver Golf Tour and is an invitational event with team selection criteria established by the two team captains - the President of the Chilliwack Golf League and the Commissioner of the Vancouver Golf Tour respectively. Selection criteria for the Chilliwack Golf League are as follows;

Ace Division: Automatic qualification for all players
Goose Division: Automatic qualification for all players
Albatross Division: Automatic qualification for all players
Eagle Division: Automatic qualification for the four players making the play-offs
Birdie Division: Automatic qualification for the two finalists
All remaining members of the 30 person team are Captains picks and may be drawn from all current and past CGL members with an official handicap below 18

Other Tournaments and Events

The league will also host the following events during the year for its members;

Tee-off Breakfast:
Introduction to the League and opportunity to meet other players. Included in Membership Dues.
Mid-Season Tournament
Normally held in late May or Early June, this event is generally a scramble or chapman event.
Super Eights:
Open to everyone, this unique Matchplay knockout event is effectively a golf league season in miniature. It's awesome.
Rider Cup:
Open to all members - past and present - as well as guests, this two day team event features a battle of the ages between the Wannabes against the Couldabins
Annual Awards Banquet:
The annual awards banquet shall be held on the same weekend as the Rider Cup and the cost is included in Membership Dues.


Each division in the league will award trophies to the winner, along with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (both losing semi-finalists). In Addition, the player finishing 1st in the regular season standings will receive a FREE entry to the Chilliwack Golf League the following season.

Members of the winning Rider Cup squad will receive a commemorative medal or similar keepsake.

Various prizes (e.g. closest to the pin, longest drives, hole in one), are awarded during the Rider Cup and other tournaments.

C.G.L. Rules Committee

The rules committee is made up of the League's Board of Directors (3 of whom need to be present to render a decision).

The 2020 Board of Directors is as follows;

League correspondence should be sent to the following address;

The Chilliwack Golf League
44610 Luckakuck Way,
Chilliwack, BC V2R 4A7

Tel: (604) 845-4332

Email: info@chilliwackgolfleague.com
Website: www.chilliwackgolfleague.com